In the Realm of the Never Fairies: The Secret World of Pixie Hollow – A Review

Have you ever felt a slight, shivering breeze whisper past your ear on a perfectly still day? Have you heard the faint chiming of tiny bells just before you fall asleep? Have you awoken suddenly in the darkest part of the night and seen a small dot of light dancing outside your window?

Magic might be closer than you think. For just beyond the world you see, there is another world where the are shimmers with pixie dust. There nothing is impossible and magic happens every day.

If you truly believe, clap your hands and follow that dancing dot of light. You might find yourself flying up beyond the stars, across a distant ocean, and into the heart of the most magical place of all…

Keep your ears tuned for the jingling sound of tiny bells – that is how fairies sound when they speak. Also fairies smell like cinnamon. If you smell cinnamon rolls baking when there is no kitchen nearby, you may be in the presence of a fairy.

Although fairies are indifferent to adult human – or “Clumsies” as the fairies call them – they love children, for without them they would not exist. It is children’s belief in magic alive. The moment a child stops believing, a fairy will cease to exist. The only ones who can save a fading fairy are other children, who must clap to show they believe.

Just like Clumsies, fairies have their own language. Some words of their language, for example:

Fly with you, means pleased to meet you
Fly safely, means see you later
I’d fly backward if I could, means I’m sorry
Fly again soon, means goodbye

For their language, they also their have own alphabet, that is called Leaf Lettering:


But fairies use this alphabet only to write a secret message for other fairies, such as this one:


Fairies are always related to beauty. That’s why they keep their hygiene by using these stuffs:


And of course, fairies need to eat. They prefer fresh fruit and vegetables whenever possible. And this is one of their menus:


Above all, this is the reason why I love fairies:

All fairies are born from laughter. When a baby laughs for the first time, the laugh flies out into the world. It dances and flits about, looking for its home. At last, when it has arrived in the place it belongs, it explodes, turning into a fairy…(lits)

Title: In the Realm of the Never Fairies: The Secret World of Pixie Hollow
Author: Walt Disney Company, Monique Peterson
Published : September 1st 2006 by Disney Press
ISBN: 0786847654
Hardcover, 140 pages


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